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Prayer Wall

Every week we will add our prayer requests up on the prayer wall from our Sunday morning services, emails, and phone calls.  For privacy purposes, we will limit names to first name and last initial.

CW= Coldwater UMC

FR= Fort Recovery UMC

ER= Erastus UMC


August 9, 2020


Praise for Mercy not having Covid 19

Teachers, students, government

Ron's parents celebrating 73rd anniversary

Carol back surgery healing



Continued prayers for Glenn and healing from Covid 19

Deb F. liver failure

Joe W. in hospital

Tracy's transition into new job

Fort Revocery:
Unspoken prayers

August 2, 2020



The family of Beveryly Farenkopf

An extended family member with COVID

Jacob who was in a serious car accident

Dee's surgery coming up in August

Granddaughter in Kansas

Diane and Trish with breast cancer

Census job and training

For Porath house to sell quickly when they move

Praise for good iron levels

Praise for family members visiting

Praise for birthdays

Praise for house being sold

Praise for new neighbors


For our nation and leaders

Glen F.: COVID19

Johy M. Healing from toe surgery

Polly B. Healing and pain management


Fort Recovery

Travel mercies

Government officials local, state, and federal

The cure for COVID


July 26, 2020


Pam Segar's family as her father passed away

The family of Mauri Cron who passed away from COVID

David and Kippy celebrates 55 years of marriage

Matt and Susan celebrates 16 years of marriage

Unspoken Request



Jody M. toe being amputated

Scarlett for scans 


Fort Recovery

Travel mercies for Mike and Jill as they travel to New Orleans

Praise for Logan for successful tear duct stint

Ruby M. for future surgery, need swelling down

Miranda's wedding


July 19, 2020

Coldwater: Family of Paul Detwiler; Jeff’s brother’s church w/Covid; Dan D. victim of being beaten; Mark K. continued healing; Dean’s grandson possible new ministry position.

Fort Recovery: For the family of Joyce Sauder; Logan for a stint in tears ducts; Cheryl’s daughter job interview; Link’s new granddaughter (Nora Bea)

Erastus: The family of Dave G. Nicki for continued healing from thyroid surgery; Leisa doing well after surgery; Polly for healing; Mauri C. for healing. 

July 12, 2020

Coldwater: The family of Paul Detwiler as Paul passed into eternal life on Sunday; the family of John who passed away last week; Wisdom for Sarah; Mark foot surgery on Wednesday; Un-named with cancer; praises for Dean and negative test results, for sunshine and nature.


Fort Recovery: Thanks and praise for the tenet of the parsonage who trimmed bushes and edged lawn in front of church.


Erastus: The family of Dave G. who passed away last week; Nicki and continued thyroid cancer healing; Leisa has an operation Tuesday; Polly healing


July 5, 2020

Coldwater: Marilyn has moved to Vancrest in St Mary’s, Dee V. upcoming hip surgery, Rex F, Nephew of Roseann lost job, Alan cancer, Justine P. healed back, Pam S. neck.


Fort Recovery: Kathy praise for healing, Tammy early contractions at 34 weeks, Myron kidney dialysis, Rain.


Erastus: Sue F. stomach ulcers, Dave G. healing and comfort, Nicki surgery for thyroid removal, Pam S. neck pain and tests.


June 28, 2020

  • Our community, state, and national leaders.

  • First responders, doctors, nurses, aids, and military.

  • Ben B. for cancer in spine (CW)

  • Jeff B. for a procedure (CW)

  • Kathy recovering from poison ivy (FR)

  • Susan and Gary COVID tests negative (ER)

  • Marilyn D. moved from Otterbein to Vancrest in St Mary’s (CW)


June 22, 2020

  • Our community, state, and national leaders.

  • First responders, doctors, nurses, aids, and military.

  • Ron W.- 2nd cancer surgery (FR)

  • Kathy- poison ivy (FR)

  • Traveling mercies for those going on vacation (FR)

  • Megan who is moving to Richmond, VA (FR)

  • Jody M.- toe infection/foot surgery (ER)

  • Susan and Gary- COVID testing, awaiting results (ER)

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