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Disaffiliation Resources

03/12/2023 Update:

After prayer and discernment, the Coldwater Council has unanimously voted to contact the district office to request a congregational vote. Once all avenues are completed by the council, as advised by the Northwest Plains District, a voting date will be announced in accordance to the Book of Discipline Paragraph 246ff: "Notice of time and place of a regular or special session of the charge conference shall be given at least ten days in advance by two or more of the following (except as local laws may otherwise provide): from the pulpit of the church, in its weekly bulletin, in a local church publication, or by mail."

NOTE: Please scroll down to our town hall videos where you can see a photo of a document that concerns finances as a part of possible disaffiliation.  This was discussed in the town hall meetings and via letter at the beginning of the process.  We are awaiting the final numbers.  What you see is an estimate.

Any questions contact Coldwater Admin Board Chair Bob Fowler at:

As the members of the churches pray and discern about disaffiliation, it is always wise to be well informed.  Here are resources the help with your discernment.

Town Hall Meetings
January 29 at 11:45 at Coldwater

February 16 at 6:00pm at Coldwater (GMC informational)
(pizza at 6pm, meeting 6:30)

February 23 at 6:30pm at Coldwater (UMC informational)

Perspective: Why Leave

Perspective: Why Stay UMC

An Unbiased Non-UMC News Report

Coldwater/Ft Recovery Joint Town Hall Videos

Coldwater/Ft Recovery Joint Town Hall #1 1/29/2023

Coldwater/Ft Recovery Joint Town Hall #2 2/16/2023

Coldwater/Ft Recovery Joint Town Hall #3 2/13/2023

Notes to the first Town Hall Meeting can be found by clicking HERE

Other videos to watch would be from our friends at Grand Lake UMC at their congregational meetings. Please click on the links below as we could not embed them onto our webiste.

Why Leave and Why GMC with Rev. Dan Gildner HERE

Why Stay UMC with Rev. Barry Burns HERE

Bishop Palmer Addresses, Blesses and Releases Churches Asking to Disaffiliate

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